When Do You Need Dentures? Know Your Situation

There are many situations throughout your life when you could need dentures. And, if you do need dentures, you need to understand what kinds are best for your situation. Dentures are basically false teeth used to replace the lack of some or all of your teeth.

Dentures come in a variety of different materials and styles. Each material and style has a purpose for each and every dental patient. Before you can decide on any of these features, you have to determine whether or not the situation you are in actually requires dentures.

2 Reasons for Getting Partial Dentures

What are partial dentures? They are a type of denture that is not meant to cover every tooth in your mouth. These false teeth are designed to help people who have lost typically no more than half of their teeth. They are unique fittings that help not only to give you a perfect smile, but also promote your remaining teeth to stay healthy.

If you are missing some of your teeth and do not get partial dentures, the result could be the rest of your teeth quickly decaying rather quickly. There are two primary reasons to get partial dentures:

  1. As you get older you will find that you will gradually begin losing your teeth. Once you have lost a few of your teeth, you can get a pair of partial dentures. This, along with good dental hygiene, will make it so that your remaining teeth will last much longer than if you would have opted to not get the partials.
  2. We have all had accidents happen to us, whether it is work related, or just goofing off with friends. Sometimes these accidents can result in a couple of teeth missing. You can get the partials put in to get your old smile back on your face.

2 Reasons for Getting Complete Dentures

Getting complete dentures is meant for total tooth loss. It is safe to say that not many people make it all the way through their life with all of their teeth intact. That is why this alternative was invented.

Complete dentures help bring back the healthy youthful smile in people, no matter what the situation. There are two primary reasons you will find yourself getting complete dentures in your life:

  1. If you do not take care of your teeth properly it is possible that your mouth may succumb to mouth disease. This can result in total tooth loss. You can get a full set of dentures for your mouth if your tooth loss is a result of bad dental hygiene.
  2. Tooth loss can, and will, naturally occur with old age. When you get to a certain age in life, it is entirely possible to lose all of your teeth. If this happens to you, a new set of complete dentures can bring back your pearly white smile in virtually no time.

When It’s Time for Dentures

Tooth loss is something we will all face at some point. Be sure that you know what your options are and what kind of dentures you need for your particular situation.

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  1. I find myself needing 2 root canal procedures. Swollen face, drainage, ear pain and chills and low fever. After a year and a half of this maybe I can be helped. Generally X-ray does not show problem till too late again. Wouldn’t dentures be better. Hard to afford. Am 60. On social security.

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