Emergency Dentistry

What is emergency dentistry all about? Have you suffered through an accident that caused one or more of your teeth to get knocked out? Gone for days with properly eating or sleeping because of a severe toothache? Did your dental filling or crown recently fall out?

Well, these are all issues that may require emergency dental care services… immediately, if possible.

Emergency Dental Care Services

Bridge Creek Dental Care Specialists understand the urgency of dental emergencies. We do our very best to promptly respond to the emergency dentistry needs of our patients. Even when our office is closed, your dental emergency needs will be quickly forwarded to our dental team by our answering service. So, no matter when your dental disaster occurs, we’re here to assist you.

Here are just some of the emergency dentistry services provided by the specialists at Bridge Creek Dental:

  • Relief from major tooth aches
  • Help to relieve swollen jaw issues
  • Fix cracked or chipped teeth
  • Repair of loose or lost fillings
  • Relief for swollen and/or sore gums
  • Therapeutic measures for root canals
  • Emergency cavity treatment

Reasons for Emergency Dentistry

Each individual person has a different pain threshold. However, anytime you’ve suffered from a toothache or oral pain for more than several days, you really need to see a dentist quickly. The pain may seem minor, and maybe even bearable. But, toothaches can often be signs of more serious issues, such as tooth decay, or possibly a dental abscess. These conditions can cause serious, even fatal, oral infections.

Emergency Dental Services for Lost Teeth, Crowns and Fillings

If your tooth gets knocked out, chipped, broken or cracked, place it in a glass of milk as soon as possible. Then, bring the glass with you to your emergency appointment. The sooner you bring it in, the higher your chances of saving it.

For lost dental fillings or crowns, fill the gap as soon as possible with a piece of sugar-free gum. Then, get to your emergency dental specialist immediately. You need to get the filling or crown replaced as quickly as possible to avoid further infections and teeth shifting.

How to Get Emergency Dental Care

The emergency dentists at Bridge Creek Dental can help prevent your condition from getting even worse. We’ve been treating dental emergencies like yours for years. Our specialists know what it takes to put an end to your pain quickly, with the effective dental treatment you need. We’ll also schedule a follow-up visit to ensure that no other emergency issues arise.

You don’t have to be in pain. Get an evaluation from one of our emergency dental care specialists. We’ll provide you with the toothache remedies you need to stop your pain fast. Contact Bridge Creek Dental for your emergency dentistry needs today.

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