Dental Services In Billings

Bridge Creek Dental provides a variety of dental services for the community of Billings, MT. Whether you need your biannual dental cleaning or are looking for cosmetic dentistry services, you can find them at our dental clinic.

General Dentistry

Dental Hygiene

The best foundation for good dental hygiene is regular preventative care. By having your teeth checked and cleaned twice a year, our dentists can catch small problems before they become serious issues.


It is best to take care of cavities while they are still small. An easy corrective measure our dentists can provide is fillings. At our clinic, composite resin fillings are most common and can be color-matched to your natural tooth material.

Root Canals

If a cavity progresses to the point where the tooth becomes infected, a root canal is necessary to save the tooth. The infected material is cleared out and refilled with supportive material to keep a repeat infection at bay. Because of the delicacy of a root canal, it may take more than one visit to complete the procedure.


Often used after a root canal, a dental crown is placed over a tooth to protect the remaining natural structure. Crowns can also be used to alter the shape of a tooth to correct a misalignment or protect the natural tooth material if it has become chipped or cracked. Along with being used on their own, crowns can also be used as part of other dental procedures, such as dental implants and dental bridge work.

Sedation Dentistry

For those individuals who struggle with dental anxiety or are sensitive to having their teeth worked on, sedation dentistry can help. There are multiple levels of sedation available, from oral sedatives to help you relax through your dental procedure to IV sedation which allows you to be completely unaware of the procedure. If you may need sedation dentistry, be sure to talk to our dentists beforehand.

Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes, dental emergencies happen, and you need help immediately. Our dentists here at Bridge Creek Dental offer emergency dental services and can help you with your dental problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

For a brighter, whiter smile, professional teeth whitening is an excellent option. It works faster than over-the-counter options and is safer, as it is monitored by our dentists. There are several options available, so our dentists can help you find the right whitening route for your needs.

Dental Implants

If you need to have a tooth replaced, a dental implant is one of the best options. It is the most stable option, as dental implants are implanted into the jawbone with a titanium post. However, dental implants can take months to place.

Dental Bridge

When you have one or more teeth missing or needing to be extracted, a dental bridge can be a good route to go. The bridge is designed to cover where the teeth are missing and can be either attached to nearby teeth with crowns or implants. How many teeth which need to be replaced can change how much the bridge costs.


If there are many or all teeth which need to be replaced, dentures are the best option. There are different types of dentures, from the traditional dentures you take out every night to implanted dentures, which are the most secure. You can consult with our dentists to determine which is best for you.


To correct uneven, cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth, veneers can be placed over your natural teeth. It takes a skilled and experienced dentist to place quality veneers, and our dentists at Bridge Creek Dental have years of experience helping people reach their ideal smile.


Straighter teeth can not only improve your smile, but they can help with bite issues and bruxism. But, most adults don’t want to deal with traditional braces. Instead, by being fit with Invisalign, our dentists can help you achieve a straighter smile with these invisible braces.

Choose Bridge Creek Dental

At Bridge Creek Dental, we focus on providing the best service possible, both in the dental chair and out of it. If you are ready to have your dental needs taken care of by experienced and caring dentists, contact us for an appointment today.

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