Preventive Dental Care

At Bridge Creek Dental, we specialize in providing preventive care for your entire family. Your family’s preventive care is our top priority, because prevention is the key to good oral health.

Our goal is to help you avoid serious dental problems that can become very painful, costly or both. Our dentists and staff have extensive experience providing dental care to seniors, first-time dental patients, toddlers, children, teens and adults.

Bridge Creek Dental’s team of dental experts are more than just technicians and doctors. We also educate our patients about caring for and identifying dental issues, regular hygiene and preventive resources. The professional hygienists at Bridge Creek Dental are experts at cleaning, caring for and maintaining the health of your teeth.

Preventive Care Dental Services

We provide skilled and appropriate preventive care services to both adults and children. Our state-of-the-art dentistry equipment helps us evaluate your dental needs, and any issues you may have, even without your knowledge. Some of our preventive care dental services include:

  • Full-mouth x-rays and check-ups – Provides early detection and diagnosis of oral and/or dental issues and conditions
  • Routine teeth cleanings – Prevents the build-up of plaque both on the teeth and in between the teeth
  • Periodontal therapy (non-surgical)
  • Oral hygiene tips and guidelines – Patient education through personalized instructions and videos helps patients better understand their own roles in preventive care and oral health
  • Dental sealants and fluoride treatments – Provides added protection needed in order to prevent dental and oral problems, such as tooth decay
  • Night guard applications – Helps provide relief to patients with bruxism, which is the habitual or involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth, usually while asleep
  • Oral cancer examinations – The most effective way to locate the early signs of oral cancer in dental patients
  • Arestin® Antibiotic Therapy and Periodontal (Gum) Treatments – Helps with the treatment of dangerous gum disease

Benefits of Preventive Care

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is all about visiting your dentist regularly. The standards set by dental organizations say you should get a dental exam twice each year. Preventive dental care also consists of practicing effective oral care at home, as well.

Regular dental exams and good oral hygiene are the best strategies for maintaining a healthy mouth, and gorgeous smile. These are just some of the benefits of preventive care for your family’s oral health:

  • Early oral cancer detection
  • Prevention of periodontal gum disease
  • Stopping the spread of tooth decay
  • Timely detection of other dental issues

The specialists at Bridge Creek Dental are dedicated to helping you keep your teeth clean and healthy. This can only be accomplished with regular dental exams. Contact us to schedule appointments for your family’s preventive care today.

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