When To Decide To Protect Your Families Smiles Forever


One of the most popular questions we receive from parents is when they should bring their children in for their first dental appointment. Since children lose their baby teeth, so adult teeth can grow in, it can be confusing to know when the best time is. Understanding when to decide to protect your families smiles forever will help you make the best decision for you and your children.

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Proper oral hygiene begins early in a person’s life. As soon as children start to show their baby teeth, parents should do their best to brush them. There’s no need to have toothpaste or anything on a baby toothbrush. It’s simply to get babies used to the feeling of someone in their mouth.

As a baby turns into a toddler, he or she will often already understand that sometimes you massage the gums and teeth. With this being a habit already, toddlers often don’t fight it as much, especially as they get older.

After the age of two, most children can start to use children’s toothpaste. It doesn’t contain fluoride, and it’s really meant for practice while cleaning the teeth and gums. There are many varieties to choose from, which makes it fun for them.

Around four or five years of age, it’s time for children’s first dental appointment. You can determine when the best time is for your child when you suspect he or she can sit in a dental chair for about five minutes. We have found that most children who are Pre-K and kindergarten age are suitable for this exam.

The exam will be basic. We just want your child to get used to the dental chair, the environment, the dental hygienist and dentist. Most children enjoy the first visit because we make it a positive and relaxing time. We also give children a little prize for being such a great patient.

After their first time in the dental chair, children will need to come in to see the dentist every six months. Usually, this is at the same time of parents’ and siblings’ dentist appointments.

By introducing oral hygiene early in a child’s life, he or she will understand its importance throughout life. This protects their mouth to keep it healthy and their smile looking beautiful. As children grow and possibly need the services of an orthodontic or cosmetic dentist, they will continue to see that it’s crucial they do whatever they need to do to keep their gorgeous smile.

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