How Long Do You Really Need to Brush Your Teeth?

Wondering how long you should brush your teeth in order to maintain good oral hygiene? To get the best results, you need to brush long enough to ensure that your teeth are actually clean. So, how long is long enough when brushing your teeth?

According to most dentists, you need to brush for no less than two minutes. Bridge Creek Dental takes this even further by advising their patients to brush for at least three minutes:
• One and a half minutes for your upper teeth
• One and a half minutes on your bottom teeth

Most people barely put one minute into teeth brushing, let alone giving it three whole minutes. Yes, this may sound like a long time, especially when it comes to kids. However, there are ways to make it a tad bit more interesting:
• Get a timer and place it in the bathroom while brushing
• Use self-timer electronic toothbrushes to keep you on track

#1 Priority is Proper Brushing Technique
You should know that the quality of your brushing techniques is much more important than quantity. Paying close attention to cleaning the surfaces of your teeth should be your main concern. Your #1 brushing priority needs to be proper brushing technique:
1. Always use short strokes when brushing. Move your toothbrush back and forth around every single tooth’s surface, and against both the teeth and the gums.
2. Reach behind every one of your front teeth in order to brush the tops and bottoms. Do this using the toothbrush’s tip.
3. And, never, ever forget to floss your teeth each time you brush. Flossing is just as important as brushing, as the brush tends to put particles in between the teeth. Only floss can remove these particles.

Brush Your Teeth for 3 Minutes

Now, back to timing again.
What happens if you don’t brush your teeth long enough? Well, your teeth may not get as clean as they need to be to stay healthy and strong. Leaving bacteria behind on your teeth can lead to periodontitis, gingivitis or other serious oral health problems. Recent health and dental studies have also linked heavy mouth plaque to artery plaque buildup as well.

What can happen if you brush your teeth too much? Dental experts advise that this isn’t really an issue, in and of itself. The problem occurs when you apply too much pressure as you brush your teeth. Putting too much pressure on your teeth can cause gum tissue and enamel abrasion. This will eventually lead to sensitive teeth. To combat this, try brushing using your non-dominant hand instead.

How Many Times to Brush Each Day?

So, how many times should you brush each day? Dentists currently recommend that you brush your teeth twice per day. However, to achieve the best oral hygiene results, experts suggest that you softly brush three times each day.

Never allow too much time to build up in between brushings. If you do, you risk building up bacterial plaque, which will lead to gum inflammation and other oral health issues. Brushing three times every day helps to decrease this risk.

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  1. Simon Adair says:

    This was really good to find out. For me, I spend about two minutes brushing my teeth, sometimes a little less. It is going to require some willpower, but I would really like to start brushing three minutes a day.

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