Dentist Digest Monthly: 10 Things You Should Know About Your Lips

Your lips play a part in your overall oral health as well as being the frame for your smile. To highlight their importance, here at Bridge Creek Dental, we have gathered 10 facts about your lips which you should know.

Lips Are Incredibly Sensitive

You may have noticed that your lips are pretty sensitive. Well, that’s because there are millions of nerve endings in your lips, far more than are in your fingers.

Protect Your Thin-Skinned Lips

The rest of your body has 16 layers of skin to protect itself with. Your lips only have three to six layers. This also allows the blood vessels show through and give our lips a pinkish hue.

Your Lips Need Moisture

If you feel like you need to apply lip balm too often, don’t worry about it. Since there are no sweat glands in your lips, they can become dried out and crack under the lightest pressure. Make sure your lips are well moisturized before coming into a dental appointment so you don’t experience any discomfort during while having dental work done.

Teeth Position Can Affect The Shape Of The Lips

Teeth are incredibly important to the overall shape of your mouth. If someone is missing all their teeth, their mouth will appear sunken. An overbite or underbite can cause lips to jut out and create an uneven appearance. Our dentists can perform a range of cosmetic dentistry services to correct your teeth’s position so your lips present an even appearance.

More Men Suffer From Oral Cancer Than Women

Lip balm isn’t just to keep your lips from cracking at the dentist office. Since men apply lip balm less often than women, they are more prone to certain oral cancers than women as the sun’s UV rays hit men’s unprotected lips. Our dentists can perform oral cancer examinations to help alleviate your concerns.

Lips Can Be Temporarily Paralyzed

A temporary paralysis of your facial muscle, including your lips, can be caused by Bell’s Palsy. Those who suffer from diabetes and upper respiratory infections are at higher risk to have an attack of Bell’s Palsy.

Collagen Keeps Your Lips Full

While your teeth are important to the overall shape of your lips, the collagen in your lips keeps them full and plump. However, as we become older, collagen production slows down and lips begin to thin.

Lip Fillers Can Endanger Your Oral Health

To achieve fuller lips, many people have turned to lip injections. When working with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, you are less likely to suffer side-effect. But many chose to try and have lips injection cheaply and end up endangering their oral health. Some side-effects are:

  • Bleeding at injection sites
  • Cold sores and canker sore reactivation
  • Infection
  • Scars developing
  • Ulcerated lips

Why Cold Sores Develop On Lips

The tissue that makes up your lips comes from the mucous membrane. Combined this with their thinness, and it leaves your lips vulnerable to herpes simplex virus. Laser dentistry can help speed up the healing of a cold sore.

Only Humans Have These Kinds Of Lips

The line of color which separates your lips from the rest of your skin is called the vermillion border. Only humans have been found to have these kinds of lips.

Our dentists, Dr. Wassmer and Dr. Taylor, are ready to help you achieve the perfect smile from the shape of your lips to your teeth. Contact us today to set up an appointment and begin the process to achieve your best smile.

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