Are Dental X-rays Safe for Pregnant Women?

Are Dental XRays Safe for Pregnant Women?Dental offices are often questioned about the safety of x-rays because of the radiation they involve. This is especially true of pregnant mothers wanting to protect the unborn fetus. It is smart to look into so that you can make an educated, healthy decision about it. To answer this question for you once and for all, here are 3 reasons that x-rays are safe for pregnant women, and women of all ages.

  1. Precautions- Dental professionals have specific, rigid procedures that they follow with for every x-ray they take. The dental industry developed these policies and procedures because they are aware of the radiation exposure involved in taking x-rays of patients and want to protect their health and safety. This includes the safety of expecting mothers and their babies. The safety precaution that helps the most is the usage of a lead apron that is worn by the patient. It covers the patient’s neck, torso, stomach and hips. This apron prevents any radiation from penetrating these areas of the body, thus protecting a fetus.
  2. Amount of Radiation- The development of modern x-ray machines has lessened the amount of radiation being exuded significantly since the days of Marie Curie. Actually, studies suggest that you’ll be exposed to more radiation by being in the sun all day in Denver, Colorado than you would by getting a dental x-ray. Dental x-rays are quick and easy, and they never take more x-rays than absolutely necessary.
  3. Philosophy- The idea behind dentistry, and the medical industry in general, is that the end goal always justifies the means. The philosophy of dental professionals is that they will not do something that will cause more harm than good for the patient’s overall health. It’s widely accepted in the field as the most accurate diagnostic tool, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists agrees on the safety of x-rays for pregnant women.

It’s very important to maintain your oral hygiene and health when you’re pregnant, and in order to achieve that, dentists need to take x-rays occasionally. Although an x-ray should never be forced on you, they are important for dentists to see any problems with the jaw, cavities, or abnormal growths. Rest assured that routine x-rays do not negatively impact your baby, and your dentist has your best interest in mind.

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