What Kind of Toothpaste Do I Need?

What Toothpaste Should I Choose?When it comes to toothpaste, there are all sorts of brands, makes and types of toothpastes available on the market. They range in price, and now as evolution has it, they are targeted and manufactured to meet various oral needs. Yet, their main purposes are maintaining dental health and improving your oral health for aesthetical reasons.

So what kind of toothpaste do you need? This is dependent on what your oral health needs are, and what your individual oral circumstances require.

Do you need plaque protection and prevention? Do you need fluoride to strengthen your teeth? Do you have tooth sensitivity? Are you aiming to strengthen your teeth enamel? Is your goal to improve your teeth with a natural teeth whitening toothpaste?

What Type of Toothpaste Do I Need?

Here are your basic options when it comes to the varieties of toothpastes you can choose from:

Tartar and Plaque Prevention: Toothpaste was essentially developed to help you keep your oral hygiene intact. The initial “type” of toothpaste first put on the market was Crest because it boasted the plaque and tartar fighting power. If you are looking to fight cavities and are prone to tooth-decay, then tartar control, cavity fighting, and plaque preventative toothpaste is your best option.

Tooth Strengthening: About 45% of the majority population in the US were born with “soft teeth”, which can result in tooth breakage and chipping. If you want to heal and mend your teeth and help them to be stronger, then you should opt for a tooth strengthening type of toothpaste.

Extra Fluoride: Fluoride is a natural element that is used to prevent de-mineralization in teeth. Tour tooth enamel is a type of calcified hard substance. Fluoride toothpaste and fluoride treatment has been long since recommended for this surface in addition to basic oral hygiene practices. Fluoride protects teeth and prevents tooth decay caused by intake of sugar, acidic foods and other types of substances and chemicals that erode teeth.

Teeth Sensitivity: As time progresses, as well as with general use, diet, damage and age, teeth can become sensitive to temperature and certain types of foods. Tooth sensitivity is usually felt by the sensation of sharp pain and nerves that are exposed. There are now toothpastes that are made especially to help individuals who have tooth sensitivities.

Teeth Whitening: The newest toothpaste trend in different kinds of toothpastes are those that bleach the teeth and make them whiter. These toothpastes remove stains caused by coffee, nicotine and foods that can cause yellowing teeth. If you want an alternative to teeth whitening strips, these types of toothpastes work well when used consistently.

Different types of toothpaste brands are plentiful these days. And, although there is an overabundance of brands of toothpastes, there really is none that is 100% better than others. What you use is solely up to you, your budget and which toothpaste provides you the immediate benefits you are hoping to gain from a certain kind of toothpaste.

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