WARNING: 10 Foods That Damage Your Teeth


Most of the time when people avoid certain foods, it is for the purpose of managing one’s weight. But did you know that your diet has huge effects on your smile, too? It’s true. Eating certain foods frequently can damage teeth more quickly and seriously than you might imagine. Protect your smile and learn about these 10 foods to avoid.

1. Hard Candy

The American Dental Association warns that hard candy not only coats your teeth in sugar but it also puts your pearly whites at risk for being chipped or broken. Sugarless gum is a better option or if you simply must have it, try to suck on it rather than chomp into it.

2. Ice

You’d be surprised at how many people like to chew on ice. For some, it’s just an occasional thing. For others it’s a nervous habit and can even become a disorder called pagophagia. Interestingly, pagophagia is often linked to having low iron levels. If you think this might be your situation, speak to your physician. If you know it just a bad habit, cut it out! According to WebMd, chewing on ice puts unnecessary wear and tear on your teeth and can even damage your gums.

3. Citrus

While fruits and fruit juice are good for you in many ways, too much acidic fruit can erode enamel. Studies have shown that grapefruit and lemon juice are most harmful while orange causes the least erosion. So sip that OJ wisely! And brush your teeth afterward.

4. Chewy Candy

Everyone know that caramel apples and saltwater taffy are off-limits to people braces. But even if you don’t have braces, it’s wise to limit your consumption of these sticky sweets. Ask any dentist and they all can name a few patients who have broken a crown or chipped a tooth on a sticky snack.

5. Soda

Sugar can lead to plaque, and plaque leads to cavities. So it makes sense that you shouldn’t bathe your teeth in sugary syrup all day right? Plus, soda can also give your teeth a brown tint. No thanks!

6. Coffee

You know those fancy coffee drinks with all the sugar and cream add-ons? They are wreaking havoc on your teeth! Coffee can dry out your mouth and the sugar can lead to cavities. Try to keep your cup of joe habit to a minimum.

7. Corn on the Cobb

Prevention names this fun summertime treat as one of the worst things for your teeth, especially if you have dentures. The kernels get lodged in your teeth and can breed bacteria. The simple solution is to simply cut the corn off the cob before you eat it. This method will taste just as delicious and won’t hurt your teeth.

8. Sour Candy

Bad news for Sour Patch Kids fans, Share Care reports that studies have shown sour candy to be the most damaging when compared against chewy candy, hard candy and licorice. The cause is the extra acids that are added to make the sour flavor.

9. Potato Chips

There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a crunchy potato chip. But pleasure aside, potato chips are starchy, acidic and easily get jammed into cracks and crevices in our mouth. And if your paying attention, you’ll notice that acid is not our friend when it comes to ename. Always try to brush your teeth after downing a bag of Salt ‘N’ Vinegar chips.

10. Dried Fruit

Many people reach for dried fruit to curb candy cravings, but eating a whole bag of dried mangos isn’t the answer. Dried fruit it sticky which means it sticks to teeth and it is also high in sugar. Fresh fruit is always better because chewing causes saliva production.

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