The Most Common Types of Dentures

Age, accidents and other factors are just some reasons why many people find themselves needing dentures at some point in their lives. There are different types of dentures made to tailor various situations.

Tooth loss can be an unfortunate situation. However, you can still keep your look if you get dentures. When the time comes, you want to be sure to choose the best denture for your situation and lifestyle. These multiple kinds of dentures make fixing even the worst situation simpler.

The 2 Types of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, or partials, come in two different types: fixed and precision.

  1. Fixed partials are permanent placed in your mouth. If you decide to choose this method, you have to make sure to take care of your teeth as if they are real. This will help ensure that you do not have to worry about bacteria building up, which makes your gums degrade faster.
  2. The precision types of partials are removable. With this particular type of denture, you will need to clean them with a special denture cleaning product. You also need to be sure to use mouthwash to keep the inside of your mouth bacteria free.

Common Reasons for Partial Dentures

Partials are perfect if you still have some or many of your teeth. They can be used for a couple different reasons:

  • Accidents – If you were in an accident involving tooth loss partials can be used to keep your smile perfect and error free.
  • Gradual tooth loss – As you get older, your teeth will eventually start coming out. Partials are great to use for this. They help keep your smile looking full and bright.

The 2Types of Complete Dentures

There are two different types of complete dentures you will have to get after full tooth loss: immediate and conventional.

  1. The first kind is called immediate. They are slightly bigger and fit your mouth differently than your permanent pair. This kind of full denture is worn typically between two and three months after all of your teeth are gone.

Why? Well, the simple answer is your entire mouth goes through a dramatic change after you lose your teeth. Your gums shrink and morph into a different shape than they were in previously.

  1. Then, there are conventional denture. When your have worn your immediate dentures through the time it takes for your gums to heal and change, you will be fitted with conventional dentures. These will be your permanent set of dentures.

Common Reasons for Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are for people who suffer from complete tooth loss. There are multiple reasons someone might need this type of denture including:

  • Age – As we get older we all lose our teeth. If this happens to you, get your smile back with complete dentures.
  • Sickness – There is a number of tooth and gum diseases that can cause chronic tooth loss.
  • Bad Dental Hygiene – If you do not take care of your teeth it is proven that you will lose them at a much younger age.

It is a fact that many people will need some form of dentures in their lifetime. Make an informed decision when it comes time for you to get your dentures. Remember the most important thing is to do what it takes so you can always smile big.

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