The Bridge Creek Dental 2016 Rock Hunt

A very special thanks to everyone who got involved this year and made the 2016 #BridgeCreekRock Hunt so phenomenal! This year Kai Dechao was the lucky winner after putting in countless hours searching for the #BridgeCreekRock. In fact, this was the 3rd year that Kai has searched for the rock! We are also super excited that with the money Kai is going to be able to take his wonderful wife to meet his family in Canada for the first time!

kai and wife

We have received hundreds of emails and comments saying the amazing and positive experiences of those involved this year and are so glad that everyone had such a great time. Kai even mentioned he has been focusing on being more healthy this year, and with all the searching he did he lost 15 lbs, so hopefully others have had similar great stories!

We have loved hearing all the overwhelmingly positive things, keep them coming – and stay tuned to our Facbook page for next’s years rock hunt and other fun community activities.


2016 #BridgeCreekRock Winner Kai Dechao With The Prize Check!

2016 #BridgeCreekRock Winner Kai Dechao With The Prize Check!

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Do You Have What it Takes to Find the Bridge Creek Dental Rock?

Bridge Creek Dental is sponsoring a community scavenger hunt for the “Bridge Creek Rock”. The person who finds this rock will win:

  • $5,000 total
  • $4,000 for themselves
  • $1,000 for the School PTA or PTO of their choice!
    • Note: the rock will NOT be hidden on private property – please respect the community 🙂

If you are lucky and find The Bridge Creek Rock be sure to stay where you found it and give us a call at (406) 652-1600.


Our goal with this is to find a way to help our local schools, and at the same time get family and friends out into the community, discovering more of this wonderful city. The hunt won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

The hunt for the Bridge Creek Rock starts on July 28th, with clues given out daily at 8:45AM on the radio at Hot 101.9 and The Wolf 98.5.

You will also have an an opportunity to get ‘secret’ clues by:

Sign up for our mailing list below to get these clues (and yes, they will be clues that will give you a real advantage)

*A lot of people are receiving the emails in their promotion, junk or spam folders. Once you find where the email was sent you can place it in your primary email inbox and moving forward that will make it so that you receive the emails in the correct inbox.


While you are looking for the rock, make sure to take pictures and share them on Facebook! #BridgeCreekRock
Let’s have some fun, win enough cash to have even more fun, and help out our amazing local schools!

PS – Remember, as you hunt for the rock, please respect public and personal property and keep things civil!
Emails will be sent out around 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays. Some of the email providers have up to a 2 hour delay with receiving the emails.

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