The Bridge Creek Dental 2016 Rock Hunt Clue Details

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Below are the clues and answers to the 2016 Bridge Creek Dental Rock Hunt. We hope you enjoyed the riddles, but more importantly enjoyed getting out with your friends and family in this wonderful city!

And, as always – please forgive the cheesy rhymes 🙂

Clue #1: 7/28

I’d like to introduce myself, as I’m new to this game. The place where I’m hid is of Frederick’s 1882 name.


  • Billings, founded in 1882, was named after Frederick Billings = The rock is in Billings, MT.

Clue #2: 7/29

At the Heights of your long journey don’t forget to bend down. My face will be different, hidden, and almost just round.


  • H – this is the first of several capitalized letters that spell out ‘Howard’ in a reference to Howard street. The rock was hidden directly across from Howard street.
  • The ‘face’ of the rock (where the inscription “Bridge Creek Dental” is found) will be down in the dirt.
  • The rock is almost a round shape – this is the first hint that the rock is different from the one used the past 2 years.


Clue #3 (Bonus clue): 7/30

rock 2016

Now that you see me, onward And forward with your quest! And remember that size can be deceiving, so you must do your best!


  • This is the image of the actual rock hidden. However, the size could be deceiving as it’s a smaller rock then used the last 2 years.
  • The ‘A’ is the second letter given in the ‘howard’ word scramble

Clue #4: 8/1

You may have gone high, but low was just Right. Although it’s still summer, make like a goose and take flight.


  • Many people went to the Heights after clue #2. This clue tells you to go low, i.e. to the south part of town.
  • Geese fly south in the winter = go south, not north.
  • Take flight, refers to the airport = south of the airport
  • Mis-capitalized ‘R’ is next letter in ‘howard’ word scramble

Clue #5: 8/2

Between two states runs a 90 and between one runs a 3. Somewhere in the middle is where you will find me. Have fun, 頑張って!(ganbatte), and 富 (tomi) to you!


  • Interstate 90 runs between more than one state, and State Highway 3 runs only through Montana = the 90 is your southern boundary, the 3 is the northern boundary
  • 頑張って!(ganbatte) – this simply means good luck in Japanese
  • 富 (tomi) – this means ‘wealth’ in Japanese. In addition, the Tiger Lily is the symbol for wealth in Japan = the rock is near Lillis park

Clue #6: 8/3

We always have loved this clue, so let’s play this one again:

Within 1.5 miles Of me you will find a son of a famous german big head, a fresh way to substitute, and an expedition very grand.


  • Son of a famous German big head = Albert Einstein, who was born with a very large head. Son of Albert = Albertsons
  • Fresh way to substitute = Subway
  • Expedition very grand = Lewis and Clark streets, and also Grand Avenue
  • Mis-capitalized ‘O’ is next letter in ‘howard’ word scramble


Clue #7: 8/4

My napoleon complex (see clue #3) often finds me quite shy. However, i’m tired of being alone and not seeing the sky.

Remember in the Capital you’ll find future clues. So go, find the rock, and stop playing the blues.


  • Napoleon complex = rock is very small
  • Quite shy = although a Napoleon complex typically leads to aggressive behavior, the rock is shy, meaning withdrawn and hidden.
  • Not seeing the sky = the rock is face down, also somewhat covered by leaves and twigs (not buried though)
  • Capital you’ll find future clues = the word scramble with the mis-used capital letters will provide a clue once all letters are given out in future clues. The ‘C’ being capitalized is not to be used in the word scramble though (see future clue).
  • Stop playing the blues = reference to Miles Davis, a Jazz musician who played the song ‘All Blues’ on the album ‘Kind of Blue’. There is also no singing in the song, hence the word ‘playing’ instead of ‘singing’ the blues.

Clue #8: 8/5

On north 24th w, to the left or the right? Here is a riddle that will help you, yes it just might!

right is left
left is wrong;
left is right
right is right;

The question is, Which way will you go?


  • North 24th W = you will either go left or right on N 24th W street. Spelling out the word ‘north’ instead of just putting ‘n’ hinted that you go first north, then right or left from there.
  • Right is left = literally, right is now substituted for the word ‘left’
  • Left is wrong = right (from previous line) is wrong = don’t go right
  • “;” = a break in the riddle
  • Left is right = literally, left is now substituted for the word ‘right’
  • Right is right = left (from previous line) is correct = go left
  • Mis-capitalized ‘W’ is next letter in ‘howard’ word scramble

Bonus Clue #1 (Saturday 8/6 @ 9:00 am):

This clue will help you clarify the riddle found in clue #8 and know which way to turn from n 24th w street:

Which way is the bus traveling: to the left, or to the right?

bus image (1)


  • The bus is traveling to the left, as the door of the bus is on the other side of the bus.

Bonus Clue #2 (Saturday 8/6 @ 5:00 pm):

I am near a type of loan, I span chasms, and I love a certain card game – three things which may sound very different but in fact are all the same.


  • Type of loan = bridge loan
  • Span chasms = bridge
  • Certain card game = bridge

Clue #11 (Monday 8/8):

Today I am ready to take my last stand. Near one last break-out attempt you will find me so bring the band. We won’t play all blues together because I’ll be founD. If not, then at 5:00 another email will come around.

Answers: There was a lot in this clue

  • My ‘last stand’ = Custer’s last stand = Custer street
  • One last break-out attempt = there was a last breakout attempt by 28 troopers during the battle of the Little Bighorn (Custer’s last stand) = near 28th street
  • Bring the band + all blues = Miles Davis (see above) = Davis street
  • Mis-capitalized ‘D’ is the next letter in ‘howard’ word scramble. This is the only letter placed at the end of the word instead of at the beginning, indicating this is the last letter needed to figure out the word scramble.

Clue #12 (Monday 8/8):

For all those who have been looking so hard here are a few extra hints to help you on your way:

In deciphering clues #8 and #9 it’s best to remember how you hold a map so you can become like einstein.


  • You typically hold a map with the top facing north. If you hold a map of Billings you would go to the left of N 24th W Street, as the street runs north and south.

With the LETTERS minus C, what do you find? This one is better than you think, so keep the end in mind.


  • The mis-capitalized letters, minus the ‘C’ spell Howard. The rock was hidden right across from Howard street. Also, Howard street ends at the park where the rock was hidden (it does start again on the other side).

Clue #14 (Tuesday 8/9):

In a not so green land the 28th amendment might not be around, but in the future it might say that all cars are prohibited and bikes will abound.

Remember, we must do all we can to save the S. m. lilianae across the way!


  • Not so green land = the park where the rock is not extremely green
  • 28th amendment = 28th street
  • Cars are prohibited = The sign right by where the rock was hidden that states: “Motor Vehicles Prohibited”
  • Bikes will abound = Descro parkway bike net
  • S. m. lilianae = Lilian’s meadowlark (Sturnella magna lilianae) = the rock is across from Meadowlark elementary and Lillis park.
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