Teaching Your Kids The Best Bathroom Routine


When you’re a mom, you want the house to be clean, your kids to be healthy, and grow up to be relatively well-adjusted people. Although that may seem impossible at times, all the day-to-day decisions you make impact all three of those areas more than you know. And yes, that includes small things like dinner time and bathroom breaks. Routines are important for making children feel secure, learn the various skills they need, and be healthy. They’re bathroom routine is no exception, and while you can use it to teach them to be healthy, you can teach them to clean up after themselves at the same time.

Create Healthy Habits

Sometimes kids rush through the process of going to the bathroom so they can get back to playing. It can help to give them tasks that take time to slow them down. For example, tell them to wash their hands long enough to sing the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” That way, they’re really getting rid of the bacteria. Most people (adults included) don’t brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time either. Turn on a shower radio and have them keep brushing their teeth for the length of an entire song.

Have them count to 30 in their heads while they swish with mouthwash. Just in case your child forgets, have a list for the routine on the mirror in a page protector. If they’re not old enough to read, you can use pictures to remind them of everything they need to do. For example, go potty, wash hands, brush teeth, floss teeth, use mouth wash, brush hair, wash face, go to bed.  You can also use a routine for bath time. For example, washing starting at the head and working down will help them to remember to wash each body part thoroughly.

Teach Them To Be Clean Kids

You can teach kids to clean up after themselves as they go so that cleaning doesn’t add up and take a long time. For example, have designated spots for their tooth brush, tooth paste, towel, dirty clothes, and hair products. As you’re teaching them how to use everything, teach them to put it away directly afterward. You can also give kids small tasks like wiping the toilet seat with an antibacterial wipe after they use it each time and throwing it away. This simple act doesn’t take much time but it helps maintain the bathroom. Teach your kids to spray a cleaning spray on the walls after they shower, and quickly wipe any toothpaste that strays in the sink.

You may need to spend a couple weeks teaching each part of the routine and making sure they don’t forget anything. It usually takes at least a week before the routine is solidified in the mind of a child. Also, teach by example. If your child sees you floss your teeth and throw it away, they’re more likely to do the same. Learning cleanliness, personal hygiene, and responsibility with small chores will help your child develop into the person you know they can be.

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