Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury-Free Dentistry, also called Holistic Dentistry, is a safer way to get fillings and other dental work. Since the 1800s, mercury amalgam has been used to create silver fillings. But, according to the FDA, mercury may be quite harmful to your health. It can also cause neurotoxic issues within fetus’ and children’s developing nervous systems. These findings were released after the FDA was successfully sued for defending mercury-contained dental amalgams.

Even if you don’t have silver fillings, you can still be exposed to harmful mercury. That’s because dentists who remove and place mercury fillings, risk exposing patients to mercury-infused vapor. This vapor can be quickly circulated from one patient to another through the dental office’s various air ducts.

Disadvantages and Dangers of Mercury Fillings

Instead of these dangerous amalgams, mercury-free dental offices use advanced, innovative fillings. They are made of more natural-looking, tooth-colored materials which contain no mercury or metals. Here are seven disadvantages of using mercury amalgam fillings:

  1. Pollutes the Environment – Dental amalgam pollutes the land, air and water. Once it’s released into the environment, it’s converted into methylmercury, an even more toxic form of the substance. It can cause neurological problems and brain damage.
  2. Dangerous to Your Health – Even after the fillings have been implanted, amalgam continues to secrete mercury vapor. This bio-accumulative toxin accumulates within fetuses. It’s also significantly risky to the health of nursing infants, children and people with kidney impairments.
  3. Damages Your Teeth – A substantial amount of healthy teeth matter must be removed in order to place amalgam fillings. This weakens your teeth’s overall structure. These silver fillings also contract and expand, cracking teeth over time.
  4. Dangerous to Dentistry Workers – Studies have found that dental workers who are exposed to amalgam have elevated levels of mercury. There have been reports of birth defects, reproductive issues and neurological problems made by exposed workers.
  5. Consent to Implant Not Required – Not only do many dentists implant amalgam without patient consent, they don’t even inform patients of the risks of mercury-contained amalgam. A Zogby poll suggests that of those who are informed, 77% elect mercury-free dentistry measures, no matter the costs.
  6. Maintains Social Injustice – Minorities, prisoners, military personnel, the disabled, low-income families and those in developing nations are often subjected to mercury during dental care. Emmitt Carlton, former NAACP president for the state of Virginia describes this social injustice as “choice for the rich, mercury for the poor.”
  7. Drives Up Costs of Mercury-Free Alternatives – There are numerous mercury-free alternatives to silver fillings. However, the more dentists insist on using amalgam, the more they decrease the demand for these alternatives. This causes the costs of using mercury-free filling alternatives to keep increasing.

Plain and simply put… fillings that contain mercury are dangerous to your health. Only a mercury-free holistic dentistry can ensure that you’re never exposed to the dangerous substance or its vapors.

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