How To Pick Out Great Dental Floss

How To Pick Out Great Dental Floss

Flossing is crucial for a healthy beautiful smile! But are you using the right floss? There are no clear advantages of one type over another. Which means that the most important factor in selecting a dental floss product is finding one that you will consistently use! This means that whatever product you find more comfortable is the “best.”

Here are 5 tips to help you pick out the perfect floss for YOU.

1. Pay attention to waxed vs unwaxed.

Floss can be made from several different materials. Floss is most commonly made from nylon, but it can also be created from rubber, plastic or polytetrafluoroethylene. Floss can also be waxed or unwaxed. Floss that is wax coated tends to slide between teeth more easily and fray less. Waxed flosses also come in different flavors like cinnamon and mint. The downside to waxed floss is that it is slightly more expensive and might be harder to grip for those with dexterity issues.

2. Pick the perfect pick.

Floss picks are a great option is you have a difficult time maneuvering regular floss — which is why picks are so popular among elderly and children. You can even buy special picks with fun colors and designs to encourage an enthusiasm for hygiene in your little one.

If you are someone who struggles to floss as it is, a floss pick might be your best friend because of the added convenience is provides. They are easily stashed in your car or desk, and can be used with one hand at a time. The disadvantage of flossing picks is that some people find they can’t clean certain teeth as well as they can with regular floss.

3. Consider dental tape.

You probably have seen dental tape before without realizing it is different from normal floss. But it is much wider and flatter than regular floss, it resembles a ribbon. It is great for teeth with larger gaps and some people just prefer the touch and feel of it. If you find regular floss painful and uncomfortable, it’s worth giving dental tape a try!

4. Spend some time scanning the reviews.

Even if you buy your floss at the grocery store, it’s worth spending a little time on Amazon looking at the bestsellers in each floss category. Not only can you see how many stars a particular item gets, you can read about specific user experiences. Look for those who describe dental issues similar to yours. For example, if you have very crooked, tight teeth, pay special attention to a review that praises easy use and comfort.

5. Ask the expert.

The next time you are at our office, ask us which floss we recommend for your teeth. As dental professionals we can accurately assess the spacing of your teeth and help you choose a product best suited for your mouth. We have tried so many different products are we are passionate about our favorites. And if you are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment such as braces or invisalign, we can give you special instructions about flossing under these unique circumstances.

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