How to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

It seems that parents everywhere struggle with getting their kids to brush their teeth. No matter how fun the toothbrush, and how flavorful the toothpaste, kids just don’t want to have a mouth full of clean teeth. But, as a parent, it’s your duty to make sure they do. So, how do you get your kids to actually want to brush their teeth regularly?

Tips for Getting Kids to Want to Brush

These tips can help parents encourage their children to brush their teeth so they can enjoy a healthy mouth for life:

  • Regular dental visits help. For the child that takes what other people tell them seriously, the fear of a disappointed dentist might be all it takes to get a child in gear and brushing his teeth all the time. Flossing might be a different story, but at least he will be working on brushing.
  • Have a foam competition. When it’s fun, kids want to do it more. Have a contest to see who can get the foamiest mouth with their toothpaste. Of course, this will require lots and lots of brushing.
  • Sing a song, such as the alphabets. When kids have a clear idea of how long they will have to brush, it won’t seem like such a chore. Singing a song can help them to know how long it takes for the song to end and for them to be done brushing.
  • Tell them how great they’re doing. Every kid does well with praise, so make sure to pile it on for them when they do what you ask and do it well. Make a big deal out of sparkly teeth, too, so they want to brush more often.
  • Brush with your kids. Make it a point to brush and floss your teeth when your children do. Kids love to do what their parents do and since the best way to lead is by example, taking the time out to brush your teeth with your children will help to build a strong foundation.
  • Let kids choose their own toothpaste. Some toothpastes just don’t taste good to kids. So, instead of forcing the issue, let them choose their own toothpaste and toothbrush. If they know that they have picked it out, they might be more likely to want to use it.
  • Make brushing part of a routine. And set a timer for them. In the morning when they get up and ready for the day, make brushing part of the routine, just like brushing the hair or washing the face. Do the same in the evening. It doesn’t take long to make it a habit, so stick with it and soon you won’t have to force the issue.

Good brushing habits for life start with solid foundations when children are young. So, try to make brushing your teeth seem like it’s not such a big deal. Before you know it, your child will be reminding you that it’s time to pick up the toothbrush and toothpaste.

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