How To Combat Dental Office Fears


Being nervous about the dentist is normal. Almost everyone has some fears about seeing the dentist. The good news is there are ways to reduce the nervousness you feel.

Relax Before Your Appointment

When you’re dealing with a stressful day before your appointment, you’ll end up even more stressed at the dentist. If possible, schedule your appointment on a down day when you don’t as much to deal with with.

Don’t schedule a meeting after your appointment. This can make you anxious in fear you’ll be late or miss it. You could also end up with numb areas of your mouth leaving your lips drooping and your pride shattered.

Listen to Peaceful Music

Music can have an incredible impact on your ability to relax. Play it while you are at home or work before your appointment or listen to it on the way to the dental clinic. Some dentists will even allow you to listen to your own music while having your work done. Music is a great tool to lower your stress levels.

Take Tylenol or Motrin

Some people experience mild discomfort during a cleaning. They can help decrease it with a mild pain reliever such as Tylenol or Motrin. Take a dose an hour before your appointment, so that it is working when you get there. It will be a great benefit to post procedural swelling.

Dentists will occasionally prescribe some form of medication to reduce your anxiety that you take before you come to the office. This is typically for extreme patients and usually only happens for established patients that the doctors have a history with. Ask your dentist if this could be an option for you.

Talk to Your Providers

Some people will clam up when they are afraid, but talking can help reduce the anxiety they feel. Talk to your providers. Get to know the people working in your mouth. If you have questions about whats going on, ask them. By knowing the necessity of what they are doing or understanding the benefits of the work you’re having done, you’ll be able to feel more at ease with the procedure.

Your providers know that if you are scared, you might not take care of your oral health the way they’d like you to. So they will want to hear about your concerns so they can put you at ease.

Some people want to know exactly whats going to happen at their visit and others don’t. Let the dentist know, so he knows what to tell you or not tell you.

You can ask for anything else during your appointment too. If you would like some water or if the room is too hot or cold, you can ask for adjustments. While there may be a reason you can’t have water or the temperature can’t be changed, it’s good to ask, so if it’s possible it can be done for you.

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