How To Choose The Best Emergency Dental Treatment When Your’e Rushed


No one knows when a dental crisis will happen. You may fall and break a tooth. You may wake up early one morning with the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your mouth. Since these situations aren’t ones that happen on a schedule nor are they ones you can deal with for long, you will need to find an emergency dentist.

How to Choose the Best Emergency Dentist

Not all dentists provide emergency dental care. Since this means that dentists have to work all day at their office and then at night or weekends if needed, many find it to be too much. When you find dentists who are willing to provide services after hours, you know there is something good about them. It means that they truly care about people’s oral health.

Not all emergency dentists are created equal though. You should look for some key factors when selecting the one for you.

· How long has the emergency dentist been practicing? Experience is important when a dentist is working on your teeth after hours. He must be able to handle crisis situations with great skill and confidence.

· Is he providing emergency dental care alone or with someone else? Sometimes, a dentist will do it all by himself, or he may bring a dental hygienist with him for assistance. Usually, it’s better that there are two people with you during the emergency dental care visit.

· Does the dentist have a good reputation in the community? You can tell a lot about a dentist by listening to what people say about him. With the Internet, you don’t have to go from house to house looking for reviews, you can simply type in the dentist’s name.

· Will the dentist see you when you need the care? When a dentist is willing to offer after hour care, he shouldn’t try to get out of it when you call. He should be receptive and ready to come to the office no matter what time it is during the day or night.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Bridge Creek Dental offers emergency dental treatment. Our experienced dentists have been practicing for many years and they are always ready to help new and existing patients with their dental care. You can give them a call right now to get the care you need quickly and easily.

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  1. Moira Blythe says:

    My best friend’s child was running on the playground, fell, and both of her adult front top teeth fell out! It was completely terrifying for me and since then I’ve been wanting to find a dentist that I can go to in a similar emergency. I had not thought to consider if the dentist would be working with an assistant or not. I definitely agree that there should be two people there to check each others’ work!

  2. Moira Blythe says:

    My husband had to have emergency dental care when he was a teenager. I appreciate your advice here that if a dentist offers emergency care, we know they really care about people’s oral health. I agree with this, and we will look for a dentist who provides emergency care so that we can support them!

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