Great Candidates For Gum Lift Procedures

Great Candidates For Gum Lift Procedures

For those who have excess gum tissue, or what is more commonly referred to as a “gummy” smile, gum lift procedures have become an excellent cosmetic option. Our dental team is well-trained on this procedure and we love being able to offer this life-changing solution to our patients.

In a gum lift, we use a dental laser to remove excess gum tissue. In more extreme cases, we also remove and/or shave down bone tissue as part of the gum lift.

Traditionally scalpels have been used to perform the procedure, but today lasers have since become the highest standard of care. Not only are lasers less painful, they are also more precise. When we are dealing with small measurements like a millimeter of gum tissue, the more precise we can be the better! They also cauterize the gum tissue as we go.

As excess gum tissue is removed and more tooth is exposed, your smile will become more proportional. The results are incredible, but there are some things to consider before receiving a gum lift. Are you a good candidate? Read about some of the requirements necessary to be a candidate for a gum lift.

1. You need to have healthy teeth.

Before we do any type of procedure, cosmetic or otherwise, we like to make sure your teeth are as healthy as possible. We want to take care of any oral health problems you might have. There is no sense in fixing a cosmetic issue when a functional issue exists.

2. You need to have sufficient tooth root material.

As excess gum tissue is removed, more of your tooth root is revealed — which is why it is important that we establish that you have enough tooth root to expose without compromising the root. This is determined by an extensive examination by one of our dentists during your initial consultation and with x-rays.

If we take away too much gum tissue and too much of your tooth root is exposed, it can lead to complications including like sensitivity to hot/cold, developing an infection or loosening the tooth due to lack of a stabilizing foundation.

3. You must be able to receive a local anesthetic.

Before the procedure, we administer a local anesthetic (most commonly lidocaine) so that you are comfortable throughout the process. If you are unable to receive the anesthetic due to an allergy, medical condition or an anatomical variation, this may preclude you from receiving a gum lift. Typically you will know if you are allergic to an anesthetic by the classic signs like hives, rash, itching and/or difficulty breathing.

Certain medications can also cause an interaction. Please be sure to let us know of any and all medications and conditions you may have in the initial consultation. If you meet this criteria, then you will be an excellent candidate for a gum lift. Contact us to set up your appointment and start enjoying your new and improved smile!

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