Get a Filling Now or Pay Later

You just found out you have a few cavities and you are going to need fillings. You are probably freaking out about the procedure. How much it will cost? What type of filling you will need?

Being overwhelmed is not an option when you need fillings because you may never end up going back to the dentist to get them. So, it is vital that you understand what a filling is and make your next appointment pronto. That way, avoid having to get a crown, or even getting your tooth pulled.

Why do I need a filling?

You need to have good oral hygiene. I mean you have to not only brush your teeth, but you need to floss them twice a day. Yes, twice a day.

When you eat a bunch of sugary food you need to get the bacteria off your teeth and gums to keep them nice and healthy. If you don’t, your teeth will be layered with plaque, and plaque is not good for your gums and teeth. This can result in gum disease and even cavities.

If you just brush your teeth without flossing, you are still at risk for cavities. Want to know why? Because your toothbrush cannot get into all the nook and crannies in your mouth. Not to mention that you can get cavities in between your teeth, too.

How do I know I need a filling?

You can usually tell you need a filling when your tooth starts hurting. It will hurt when you are chewing on that side. You will notice a small black dot on your tooth and that is where it is decaying.

If you let the decay sit long enough, it can penetrate the tooth’s root and can cause severe pain. Then, it will require a root canal. That is why it is important to get to a dentist soon before that happens.

2 Types of Filling Material

Okay, you found out that you have a cavity. Now, you need to get it filled fast. But, then the dentist asks you, “What type of filling do you want?”

Just when you think you know everything you need to know about fillings, you get bombarded with that. Well, there are a variety of different materials that can be used to fill your cavity.

However, there are only two common ones that are used throughout all the dentists’ offices. They are known as amalgam and composite resin.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings have been around for 180 years. They are the very common silver or mercury fillings, the ones that you notice on a lot of people. However, they last a lot longer than the composite resin fillings.

They may not be for cosmetic purposes. But, they are cheaper, last longer, and you will not get a tiny black ring around the filling.

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings are designed to match your teeth. These are great for you if you have cavities near the front of your mouth.

However, they do not last as long as amalgam and they do need to be replaced every so often. Not to mention, you may get a little black line around the filling.

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