Clues To Find The 2014 Bridge Creek Dental Rock

We had a great time the last 2 weeks with the hunt for the Bridge Creek Dental Rock, and hope you did to!  We’ve had lots of questions on the clues and what they mean…so here you go!  Below is an explanation of all the clues so you can go through and see how close you were.

And of course, study them hard so you are ready to search for the Rock again next year!

#1 – Thursday
While this rock may not be Magic, it can make the city where it’s found the most magic of them all.

Translation: Billings, Montana is well known as the ‘Magic City’.

#2 – Friday
Look above the Central shout of welcome or farewell; Good wishes! There you shall find your rock engraved with Bridge Creek Dental.

Translation: Look above Central Ave. The definition of ‘Ave’ is: a shout of welcome or farewell See Definition Here.

#3 – Monday
Even as a learned rock, I don’t see much, but I do want to be found. Here’s a clue to help you find what is not round. From where I am the Rim I see.

Translation: A ‘learned rock’ refers to a school; In order to see the rim you must be south of the rim – you can’t see the rim from on top of it.

#4 – Tuesday
To find your flat prize, cross the Bridge – Watch your step though! This pathway is embattled and contains many pits.

Poly Vista Park is located close to Shiloh Rd. The Battle of Shiloh is also known as ‘The Battle of Pittsburg’, as it was fought near Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River.
The bridge refers to the bridge located on the pathway by 38th street that goes to the park
The rock is a ‘flat’ rock

#5 – Wednesday
Since the Rim is large, let’s narrow this down. Within one mile you will find many things – a Sub, a basketball pass that is living, and a place where you can see things fill up and not overflow.

Within a mile of the rock there is a:

  • ‘Sub’ – Subway sandwich shop
  • ‘Basketball pass that is living’ – Assisted Living Facility
  • ‘A place where you can see things fill up and not overflow’ – Gas Station

#6 – Thursday
Oh, how I wish I could run, laugh, and play! As a rock I miss all the fun that I watch every day.

Translation: The rock is located at a park.

#7 – Friday
If something falls on me and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Better come quick, I do want to be found.

Translation: The rock is near trees….”If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Bonus Clue – Sent Via Email – Saturday

As with any scavenger hunt, you may find yourself thinking too hard but not hard enough. So, the first part of today’s ‘extra’ clue is to help clear your mind with some of the clues from days pastime:

  • Clue #2 – This clue is best when Read. Translation: The clue has Central capitalized when read, pointing to Central Ave
  • Clue #3 – From where I am the Rim I see, but not too close – don’t waste your time, lest you fall and break your knee! Translation: The Rock is not located on the Rim.
  • Clue #6 – This clue is key to me being found, as it hints my location by this type of ground. Translation: The clue points toward grounds where people run laugh and play. This type of ground = ‘playground’

#8 – Monday
I hope you are close now, so let’s have some math fun. Ballplayers love statistics, and have since 40 and 1. Minus the 3 whose principal sent them away, to a street o’r yonder where they can go play.

Translation: Math problem, 40+1=41-3=38. The principal points towards a school, and a street o’r yonder = 38th street by a school. Ballplayers points towards a baseball field.

#9 – Tuesday
A message from the Rock to help it be found: “I am face up, not face down…but in order to find me you may have to crouch down!”

Translation: The face of the rock with the logo is face up, and you will have to look close and possibly bend over to see it.

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