Choose The Best Dental Fillings For Your Budget


So you are new to town and you have no idea where the best place to go for a dental filling in Billings, Montana. Well, you have found the right place. The dentists here at Bridge Creek Dental are excellent and caring but you are worried about the cost of a dental filling. Let’s go over the pros and cons of each type of filling. However your exact cost will depend on the size of the filling.

Amalgam Fillings—Silver Colored

Amalgam fillings are the most durable choice. This durability also makes them cost effective since they are the least likely to need replacing due to wear.

Pros: Very strong and long lasting. They are best filling material for the molars which do all the chewing. Amalgam dental fillings are also the least expensive.

Cons: Aside from the silver color which many people do not like, amalgam dental fillings can discolor or damage the tooth. Some of the healthy tooth is removed so there is enough space for the material.

Composite Fillings—Tooth Colored

For dental fillings, composite is usually the type patient’s request because to the naked eye you usually cannot tell where the filling ends and the tooth starts. Composite dental fillings are a mixture of plastic and glass so they are strong and do resemble the natural tooth.

Pros: Shades to match your teeth. They bond with the tooth making it stronger than before.

Cons: They can stain over time. They can make the tooth sensitive. They are also not a good option for larger cavities. Generally insurance only covers the cost up to the normal amount for amalgam fillings.

Glass Ionomer—Tooth Colored, releases fluoride

Glass Ionomer dental fillings are also tooth colored. They are a mixture of acrylic and a special type of glass with fluoride blended in.

Pros: Slowly releases fluoride to prevent further decay making it an excellent choice for young children. It is the easiest for the dentist to place.

Cons: It is not durable for dental fillings on biting or chewing surfaces. While tooth colored, the result is not as visually appealing as the composite material.

But What About The Cost?

Firstly, the actual cost of a filling depends on the size of the cavity. This is true for all materials. According to the average costs for dental fillings are $89-$207 which does not include the exam or x-rays. As you can see that is a large gap. Of course it depends on the material chosen and the size of the cavity. However, our whole staff here at Bridge Creek Dental is eager to help you make the best decision for your teeth and budget. Please feel free to talk to us about your concerns. We are here to help you.

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