Building A Stronger Jaw With Bone Grafting For Your Dental Implant

Building A Stronger Jaw With Bone Grafting For Your Dental Implant

Dentistry Today recently addressed a growing question in the dental community: are bone grafts really the best form of treatment in every case? The answer was that there are other solutions that may be more budget friendly, but when it comes down to it, there is no denying that bone grafts are the most useful treatment.

One problem that the article points out is of consent. Patients don’t always understand all of their options. They see the price tag, freak out, and end up leaving without any work done at all. Of course, the benefits of bone grafting can’t be overstated.

The Good And The Bad Of Bone Grafting

1. Stronger jaw bone 1. Potentially painful
2. Better anchor for dental implant 2. High out-of-pocket cost
3. Slows degenerative problems 3. Small chance of graft failure
4. High success rate

As you can see, not everything in the outlook is rosy. But the number of patient rejections is rather low, while the success rate is high. Bone grafting benefits usually outweigh the risk, though a thorough examination is crucial to ascertain whether it is the right choice for each individual.

Does Insurance Cover Bone Grafting?

This depends on the plan selected. It may also depend on why a bone graft is being recommended. If the work being done in conjunction with the graft is mostly cosmetic, it is unlikely that insurance will cover it. But if it is being sought as a necessity, they may cover at least part of the cost. Dental discount plans may also offset costs.

Most dentists provide a line of credit through their office, for those who wish to pay on a payment plan. Keep in mind that most grafting procedures can vary between $250 per region, to $2,000 per region. Crowns and other dental implants come with additional costs. A full jaw graft with implants can cost in the tens of thousands. Thankfully, patients tend to agree it is worth the money, as it can vastly improve quality of life, and even self esteem.

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