Broken Tooth Repair In Billings Montana

Broken Tooth Repair In Billings Montana

Teeth are incredibly strong. In fact, the outermost layer of your teeth, enamel, is the hardest substance in the human body and contains an extremely high percentage of minerals.

However, there are certain situations that may cause your teeth to crack, chip or break. Here at Bridge Creek Dental we are experts are repairing broken teeth and love to find creative solutions that get your tooth back in perfect condition.


One of the most common causes of a broken tooth is extreme bite force caused by chewing on something particularly hard. Things like popcorn kernels, ice, nuts, olive pits and hard candy can wreak havoc on your teeth. The combination of hard candy that is also sticky (such as a caramel apple suckers) is especially prone to cause damage.

Chewing on pens or other things that are not meant for teeth can also cause damage.

Injuries, both sport and non-sports related are also a common culprit behind broken teeth. Wearing a mouth guard can reduce your risk of damage dramatically.

Cavities can also cause your teeth to break. When decay forms due to poor dental habits, your tooth is compromised and more likely to break. It becomes weak and starts to deteriorate from the inside out. Brushing daily and practicing good flossing habits can keep your teeth healthy and strong.


Tooth fractures range in severity. Sometimes it is only a chip in the enamel. For these situations, the solution is simple. We can contour or shave the area to smooth away the crack. We can also perform a bonding procedure wherein we fill in the crack or chip with resin material.

If the chip or crack reaches the dentin or pulp layers of your tooth, it is much more serious. If we suspect the fracture has reached this level, we will do a dental x-ray to confirm the depth. The stakes are higher when pulp is exposed because there is then a risk of infection and a root canal may be necessary to preserve the health of the tooth. Deeper fractures can also expose nerve endings, which is very painful and can make your tooth highly sensitive to hot and cold substances and air.

To repair a more extensive crack or fracture, we will clean the area thoroughly, performing a root canal if necessary, and then apply a filling or crown to restore your tooth to it’s original shape and function.

If your tooth breaks down the root level, it’s possible that we may need to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. This is not as common in our practice and usually a last resort.


Unlike broken bones that eventually heal on their own, teeth do not naturally heal on their own. This is because teeth are primarily composed of minerals not cells, and cells are where healing and regeneration come from. If you have any type of break in your tooth it is important to get into our office immediately for repair. We can prevent further damage from occurring, take away your pain and get your smile back in tip top shape.

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