Ask Your Dental Provider About Your Dental Coverage


Dental coverage can be difficult to understand. With so many policies available and everything included in them, you may not truly know what you’re getting when you choose one. Asking your dentist about dental coverage can help you make the best decision. The receptionist and the dental insurance billing specialist are probably your best resource for understanding your dental insurance. Talk to them about the following topics:

Current Dental Health

By looking over your dental health history and the current status of your oral health, your dentist can give you a good idea for specific coverage you’ll want to have. If you have a standard of limited decay, you might be better served to have a plan that has a lower monthly fee for more coverage in cleanings and preventative care versus higher coverage with restorative work like crowns and root canals. This more extensive coverage comes at a higher cost that’s usually only worth it if you’re in need of lots of dental work every year.

Future Dental Health

As people get older, they sometimes need extra dental care. Age is a factor in choosing dental coverage. Without considering this, some people will select a plan that may not cover everything they need – like dentures or other forms of replacement teeth. Also, when you consider planning for the future, look for waiting periods in a new dental plan. You could be paying the deductible and out of pocket for major services for 6 months to a year before your plan will actually cover any work.

Family vs. Individual

Family plans can be a much better deal because they will cover the services for everyone, while the individual plan may not be able to give you the coverage you need if you have a child. While this makes sense, some people do not realize their coverage won’t apply to their dependent until after they need it. When considering a family plan versus an indivudal plan, they usually having different deductible amounts, so be aware of higher family deductibles so they don’t catch you off guard at the start of each new year.


Every dental clinic has different pricing for services. How much insurance pays and how much a patient needs to pay out of pocket is dependent on that pricing. You’ll get the most coverage from your insurance provider if you go to an office who is contracted to go by your insurance providers fees. A dentist can provide an estimate on co-pays by considering a dental coverage you have or would like, so you know what to expect. Also, always assume that the quotes given to you at the dental office are an estimate. Providers work hard to give you accurate numbers but insurance companies are a bear to work with. Policies have loop wholes and sometimes change. Bring up your concerns to the front office and they’ll help you to understand the billing.

Caps on Services

Many dental insurance policies include a cap for services each year. Once you hit that financial cap, you will need to pay out of pocket. By having your dentist tell you what procedures you need and how much they will cost, you will end up being able to choose a policy that will have a cap that won’t make you pay a lot of money out of pocket. Your office will also work with you to know what dental services are the highest priority so you can do them first and have your insurance cover it. Then you can work out a schedule to have the rest of the work done later.

Speak to Bridge Creek Dental

Speak to our staff at Bridge Creek Dental about your dental coverage. We would love to help you choose a policey that will meet you and your family’s needs. As dental professionals, we want you to protect your oral health with quality care from dentists you can trust.

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