5 Weekly Goals I Keep To Help My Kids Stay Active & Healthy


As moms we want to do all we can to make sure our families are happy and healthy. The thing that helps me stay on track the most is to have a core group of things I want to focus on as a parent. These things help me stay grounded and focused on my parenting goals.

Be A Good Example

On my worst day being a good example to my children is my top priority. Children learn so much better when they see good behavior. Telling them to “be nice” or “eat your vegetables” is never going to go far if they are watching their parents engaging in negative behaviors or avoiding healthy food. My parenting motto is simple, “I do what I expect my children to do.” Yet I do not expect perfection from myself or them. When I make mistakes, I own them. Then, I teach them how to admit their own and how to learn from them.


Technology has become ubiquitous. I barely remember my life without it. Newer generations have even greater access so device-less engagement can be a challenge. Smart phones make it too easy to become hooked on the instant gratification of sharing and watching the ‘likes’ roll in. What has worked for us is we all pick one day to choose the technology free zone. The frequent pick is dinner time but one of the interesting trends is how often my kids are choosing movie or game nights as techno-free. Comments like, “Let’s play board games,” fill me with joy. This approach also teaches them how to engage in a variety of situations without a device.

Holistic Health Approach

Think ‘wholism’ and not so much new agey. Holistic health encompasses mind, body, and spirit. As great as our device-driven life is it can expose our kids to cyberbullying or other socio-emotional issues. Teaching kids to survive social media is as important as teaching them good dental hygiene—as a dental hygienist by day I say that with a great deal of authority. If our kids have perfect teeth but lack the self-confidence to survive the cruel cyber world we are falling short. Good grades, healthy eating and physical fitness are important too so our kids really need this holistic health approach.

Sleep Hygiene

At work I have noticed an uptick in the number of exhausted kids. As they yawn, I talk with them about their sleep hygiene. So many kids are connected to technology including television until the wee hours. They are also burdened by homework and activities. As a mom, it gave me pause. It led me to monitor my family for a few weeks. Admittedly, I was shocked by the impact poor sleep hygiene was having. One of the most effective changes we made was to enforce sleeping-waking schedules. Firm bedtime rituals such as an hour of quiet time non-school projects, a healthy snack, and of course, brushing and flossing really changed everyone’s mood.

The Importance Of Play

Next to sleep, the exhausted patients complain about never having time to just be. Too many of our kids are over-scheduled. Learning to say “No” to lessons, classes, or projects has been important. As a mothers, how many times do we feel overburdened by taxiing them around? As I looked through their eyes, I could see the effects in their lives too. Now, we take our time deciding when to say “Yes.” It has made a huge difference in the amount of time our kids just have to enjoy being goof balls.

Moms, this may sound like a lot. I will admit it was a little rough-going at first. Now that this is our normal it has been easy to keep myself and my family happy and healthy. I hope you implement these tips too.

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