5 Things Dentists Wish Patients Would Take More Seriously


Many patients neglect dental care until there is pain. To avoid the inconvenience and cost of dental pain and procedures, we wish patients would take better care of their oral health. The following are some of the things that we and other dentists would love for patients to take more seriously.

#1: Brushing Twice a Day

This is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth. Brushing at night rids your teeth and gums of food particles collected throughout the day, so they don’t rot overnight causing cavities and other dental problems. Brushing in the morning gets rid of anything you missed the night before and the built up saliva that has been pooling in your mouth and sticking to your teeth and gums overnight.

#2: Flossing

We know many patients do not like to floss because it takes extra time. Flossing is the only way to remove food particles from between the teeth and underneath the gum line. When those particles remain on the teeth and under the gum line, it can lead to cavities and gum disease. Taking the extra couple of minutes twice a day can mean saving a lot of time in the dentist’s chair later.

#3: Regular Dental Cleanings

Patients should see their dentist every 6 months. This allows the dentist to do a professional cleaning and check for any dental problems before they become extremely painful and costly to repair. Most dental insurance companies allow patients two cleanings a year, so take advantage of them.

#4: Dental Pain

Some patients wait to make an appointment with a dentist until they are in excruciating pain. It’s important to see a dentist as soon as a dental issue is discovered because it can usually be taken care of easier and for much less money. In many cases, when patients wait too long, they end up needing a root canal and crown to repair the damage the tooth incurred.

#5: Avoiding Teeth Whitening

Commercial teeth whitening products can be devastating to the integrity of the teeth. Teeth whitening agents can damage enamel leading to teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. If there’s a crack in a tooth, the whitening solution can seep into it and cause damage to the entire tooth, which can lead to a root canal.

We encourage all of our patients to take good care of their oral health, so they can have easy, quick appointments with us every 6 months. If it’s time for your dental check-up, give us a call today for an appointment. We are always accepting new patients and would love the opportunity to show you how to improve your dental health.

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