5 Foods To Most Likely Get Stuck In Between Your Teeth

5 Foods To Most Likely Get Stuck In Between Your Teeth

There was a study released not too long ago that questioned whether flossing daily had any medical benefit. The media went into a frenzy, claiming that all this time it had been a waste. Those who hated to floss sighed in relief, threw out their dental floss and unburdened themselves of the guilt of having lied to the dentist about the frequency of their habit.

Only one problem: the study didn’t prove anything. It was actually a meta analysis of many other studies, and it did not take into account many factors including: the honesty of patients about flossing, the difference between professional and self-flossing, or the products used for the flossing.

Keeping It Clean

Anyone who has looked at their floss after using it knows that a lot gets stuck in there. Flossing is definitely a good idea, especially if you have a problem with plaque or your gums. But avoiding food that tends to get stuck could also help. Here are the five worst offenders.

1 – Popcorn – Popcorn kernels are among the worst items to get stuck between your teeth because they can feel impossible to get out. Sometimes they will end up pressed into the front of the tooth, under the gum. In extreme cases it may take a dentist to get it out.

2 – White Bread – While you may not think about this as a big problem white bread is actually very prone to mushing and getting in between those spaces. You are probably imagining a time when you had to press the bread from your teeth with your tongue. Denser breads, like wheat, are less likely to do this.

3 – Seeds – Sesame seeds are usually considered the worst, but any seed can easily get stuck in your teeth. It doesn’t help that they are so commonly placed on everything from buns to bagels. At least they are a good source of healthy fats for your diet, right?

4 – Spinach – There is something almost magical about the way spinach wriggles its way into every single crevice of your mouth. It is unlike any leafy green, and because it is so soft you will usually fail to feel it there. Instead you will be embarrassed when your crush lets you know that a glob of green gunk is messing up your usually pristine smile.

5 – Meat – Not all meats are known for this, but some are inevitably going to stick around in those gums. Tough meats like steak are a frequent perpetrator, as are any that you eat on the bone, like chicken wings or ribs.

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