2015 Bridge Creek Dental Rock Hunt – The Answers

We had so much fun with this years hunt for the Bridge Creek Rock, and hope you did to!  In preparation for next year, here are the clues along with the answers from this years hunt.  Trust us, it’s worth it to study up on these – doing so certainly helped the awesome couple who found the rock this year.  Normally we would say they got lucky, but this years winners didn’t use luck at all.  They not only spent the entire week looking for the rock, but they also studies last years clues so much they were able to get inside our clue-writers heads and they figured out every piece to every clue!

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  • Clue #1 – Monday

While it’s not a YellowStone, the BridgeCreek Rock is sure worth its weight in gold!  Good luck in your hunt and enjoy this beautiful County Seat.

Translation: Billings, MT is the county seat of Yellowstone County.  In addition, this clue refers to the Yellowstone river, and also a ‘seat’ that was near where the rock was hidden.  The ‘seat’ was a bench at Riverfront Park.

  • Clue #2 – Tuesday

Check Snopes for what won’t happen this August 27th – you won’t find me there either.  However, from this place go 90 degrees clockwise from east and get started in your hunt for me.

Translation: Snopes.com made it clear that the rumor of two moons appearing on August 27th was not going to happen.  Two Moons = Two Moon Park, so the rock was not to be found at that park.  Instead, the rock was hidden somewhere to south (90 degrees clockwise from east) of Two Moon park.

  • Clue #3 – Wednesday

Being taught as a wonderful child back in 1993, I saw a movie that was out of this world and kind of scary to me. Same story, new crew – the old 2nd word is now your clue.

Translation: Jurassic Park debuted in 1993. Same story, new crew referred to Jurassic World. Old 2nd word = Park from ‘Jurassic Park’, the old movie.  

Also, the ‘wonderful child’ refers to a plaque on the bench where the rock was hidden that that states “By example they taught us to be wonderful children”.

  • Clue #4 – Thursday

At Rehberg and Colton, the coordinates of origin you mark.   Search quadrant 4 in your quest, go, embark!

Translation: The Coordinates of Origin are where the x-axis and the y-axis intersect.  If you overlayed an x/y axis with the coordinate of origin where Rehberg and Colton streets meet, quadrant 4 would be to the south east of that point. The rock was hidden to the south east of this intersection.

  • Clue #5 – Friday

The city is big, so here’s your next clue: Within 1.5 Miles you will find the fast king, a newer version of speedee the mascot, and where federal agencies meets paved fruit trees.

Translation: The rock is hidden within 1.5 miles of the following three things:

  1. A ‘Fast King’ refers to Burger King
  2. Speedee was the original mascot of McDonalds.
  3. Federal agencies = Arlington (Arlington, VA is home to many federal agencies); Paved fruit trees = Orchard.  Arlington and Orchard intersect right above Riverfront Park


  • Bonus Clue – Saturday

Bonus Clues (only one was given since the rock was found)Two coordinates were given, but don’t look there – they are simply starting points to help you not pull out your hair.

Translation:  The two coordinates given where 1) Rehberg and Colton street and 2) Two Moon park.  We had several people looking there, so we sent out a clue to help clarify that the rock was not at either of those two locations.

  • Clue #6 – Monday

I have a close friend who goes between 3 states.   She runs,  she flies,  but stops when cold knocks at the gates.

Translation: This clue was accidentally given out on the radio Friday – great job to those who caught it (it pays to listen!).  The answer to the riddle is ‘Water’.  Water can either be a gas, liquid, or solid (3 states), and also runs (as in a river), flies (as a gas), and stops (when frozen).  The rock is near water.


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